1) Starting a dog on body parts: click here for body parts video

2) “Bridging” can sound like this:

3) Hear fluent bridging with “xxxxX!” Kayce Cover, SATS® click here

4) See the IB in action: trainer supports dog, at a distance, to see limp (right side). Click on icon.

5) Hear fluent bridging with “ggggG!” Kayce Cover, SATS® click here

Videos of SATS in action (on site work video)

6) Horse – body parts, left, right & step with start of Spanish Walk Kayce Cover, SATS® click here

7) A Bit of Pit: Julie Kinsey, SATS Certified Trainer with George Bailey, Rounders Kennels, American Staffordshire Terrier. Work in progress on the concept “left” versus “right” click here

8) Straat versus Stoep – or – Street versus Sidewalk: Erica Bokelmann, SATS Certified Trainer, with Phlox. Phlox has the concept of Street versus Sidewalk and is working on smoothly going to either on verbal cue alone click here

9) Helping Hands for the Handicapped, click here!

10) Video: SATS Sanitation Engineer (full-time staffie ;>)!

11) Carrie Genoff, SCT B&T1, and Syd with some lateral work for freestyle dancing click here

12) Cat video from Jana Tuchin! click here

13) Haltering a SATS trained horse.

New! Want Start-up Directions?

You will learn EXACTLY how to teach “Bridges” and “Targets”. In training, Bridges are signals that tell the animal how he is doing, and if you check out the video section, you can hear many examples. While Bridges tell an animal how he is doing, Targets tell him where he needs to be or look, to receive information from the trainer. Using these 2 tools, we teach anything to anybody. So can you.