Marshall, Elizabeth

Bibs Bio SATS

Name…Elizabeth Marshall
Country of birth…Scotland
Family…Husband of 10yrs, 3 sons aged 16yrs, 13yrs and 12yrs, and 6 dogs, Maisie 8yrs colliex, Fruin 5yrs lurcher, Sheba 4yrs lurcher, Rhurie 3yrs lurcher, Huey 2yrs lurcher and wee Charlie 7yr corgix.
Education…5 ‘0’ Grades. B.D.S in design and display. Lay Level 1 Sats.

I have always had a dog as a family pet, and always took them to training classes, and loved the learning commnication process between my dog and me. I remember watching Barbera Woodhouse on the t.v every week, never missing an episode…Oh how far have we come since then, i even bought my dogs choke chains because she said they would stop pulling on the lead. I only started working in Wood Green voluntary when we moved from Scotland to England in sept 2001, then i got work there on a part time basis, and i must say its the best job satisfaction i’ve had ever, beats window dressing. The wages may be low, but i’m happy going to work every day. I love nothing better than meeting a scared dog and turning its life in the scary kennels around. My introduction to Sats was with Star, what a nightmare that dog was, and such hard work, a true learning curve for both of us, one of the best moments of my life was him recieving his booster jag, being able to clean his eyes and ears without risk of being bitten. Poor lad. Sats has been for me a total mind opener, i’m sure the dogs i’ve worked with feel that to. So Sats is for them, Star, Lennox, Arnold, Sasha and the rest…Elizabeth Marshall.