Lisa Constable

Name: Lisa Constable

Location: Woodbury TN


Telephone: 931-261-3735

Animals: 8 dogs, 2 horses, 1 cat, 1 bird, occassional fosters

Specialty: basic manners – high energy – rescue & rehoming “issues”

Bio: 15 yrs as proffessional trainer (dogs) Proffessional groomer for 10 yrs (retired now) Shown in conformation, train agility and freestyle for fun. Have also trained sled dogs and weight pulling.
Worked at or volunteered at various Humane Society’s, Animal Shelters and Rescue groups for the last 8 yrs. I also do demonstrations and seminars.
6 yrs training horses. 4 yrs working for 2 different trainers. I work on basic manners and behaviour problems, I do not “break” horses to ride.

Credentials: LL1 SATS
CGC evaluator