Debbie Winkler

Director; Dog Ears and Paws Inc
Humane Domain
5399 Enterprise Street
Sykesville, MD 21784


Telephone: 410-655-2858 voice & TDD, 410-795-6932 fax


Bio: Debbie Winkler CABC, CPDT, whose career spans more than 20 years, is well known for her commitment to using operant conditioning with emphasis on positive reinforcement to train and/or change problem behaviors in animals. Debbie has extensive background in applied animal behavior, theory and training and works with many species, from dogs to dolphins.

As co-founder and director of Dog Ears and Paws Inc, she also trains assistance dogs for adults and children with special needs. Debbie also served on the Education Committee of the APDT which helped to create the first national certification for pet dog trainers

Debbie served on the Baltimore City Vicious Dog Hearing Board and is an expert witness for animal bite and other animal matters hearings.

Believing that the best training and behavior methods are the ones backed by years of scientific research, Debbie also teaches animal training and behavior, and is SATS certified. She also is the current vice president of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants

Credentials: CPDT; CDBC; CABC
Vice President IAABC