Harwood, Annette

I live in Deeping St James in Cambridgeshire (UK).

I started my career working with dogs in 1990 when I joined the RAF dog section.
I had no proper behaviour training, it was more a case of counting my fingers and thumbs at the end of each day!

The actual dog training I learned about was nothing like I practice today.

I started work at Wood Green Animal Shelters in 1996 and love working with rescue

I am currently the Deputy Head of the Dog Section.

I have attended numerous seminars and workshops over the past few years and until recently helped instruct at a local dog training school.

I gained my Lay Level 1 certification in October 2004. I find the technique easy to use and very rewarding.

I work mostly with dogs that require behaviour modification of some description and SATS has made my life much easier, not only my workload but also with regard to the reduction in the number of dogs that I have to put to sleep – SATS saves lives!!!

I have also used the technique on a very unruly enourmous goat called Durban with outstanding success and a rather naughty pony.

If anyone would like to visit Wood Green Animal Shelters and see the technique in use please don’t hesitate to contact me.