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Participate in a certification camp or an online learning class! We are currently offering two Perception Modification classes: 1) Conditioned Relaxation and 2) Cycles

Perception Modification (PM) is a process of empowering animals to cope with stresses and manage their emotions. It has two steps, Conditioned Relaxation and Cycles.

1) Conditioned Relaxation: how to teach animals to become calm and maintain calm, on cue.

2) Cycles: how to use Conditioned Relaxation to solve fear, reactivity, and other emotionally based behavior problems.

Both classes have the same options, “VIdeo” ($300) and “Non-Video” ($200). Just note which class(es) you are ordering in your order instructions. So, for example, if you are ordering two video classes, just put two in the amount slot, and indicate that you are purchasing both classes at one.

You will need both classes, and they can be taken in sequence, or at the same time (recommended). Once you register for class, you receive links to all the downloadable lectures, class notes and class access information.

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