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What’s in a name?

‘Syn Alia’ = ‘With Others‘



‘Syn Alia Training Systems’ foster synergistic alliances with others, people or animal. We do this through recognizing and respecting the intelligence, ability and sovereignty of every being. We focus on partnership.



Thank you for your interest in SATS (Syn Alia Training Systems) and Kayce Cover.

SATS is a way of interacting with animals based on respect for them and their abilities. Read the introduction here, read about the philosophy here, and read an article explaining how SATS goes beyond operant conditioning here.

There are many branches in SATS, each with a certification program. We use and study skills in:

  • teaching animals to cope with stress and manage their emotions (‘Perception Modification’)verbal and non-verbal communication (‘Name & Explain’ and ‘Bridge and Target’)

  • the appropriate and effective use of personal energy in training and leadership

  • teaching and presentation skills and learning styles

  • behavior analysis

  • program development for animal collections and staff

  • educational demonstration development

In short, leadership, whether of animals or people, is a rich, complex subject. The principles apply universally to people, pets, livestock and exotic animals.

Kayce Cover is a professional trainer and manager of humans and animals. Cover has a BS in Animal Science and a MS in Education. Cover’s career in animals started with dolphins and other marine mammals, extended to all other exotic animals, as well as livestock and pets, and now focusses on the development of professional trainers, training programs and consultation. You can read Kayce’s resume here.

If you would like to see some of the work of Kayce Cover, please view the following videos:

Rhino: Flushing an abscess

Crab: Comes into a bowl to be carried

Pigs: Voluntary stand for blood draw (featuring Tom Hartsock, PhD and Benny Erez, UMCP)

Wolf: Learning basic living skills

SATS training demonstration with Sue Ketland

Vasco and the Big Barking Dogs (featuring Jamie Dolan)

Gem: Solving OCD featuring Annette Harwood

Sera telling what someone else told her! Featuring Annet Schultze

Sera classifying items as food vs tools

Sera sorting food to the red bucket and tools to the white bucket

Street vs. Sidewalk (featuring Erica Bokelmann)

Sanitation engineer (Featuring Julie Kinsey)

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