2015 Perception Modification

conditioned relaxation class

Who: Kayce Cover will lead a class in “Perception Modification – Conditioned Relaxation”

Why: Because dogs lose their homes and their lives due to failure to manage emotions and cope with stressors. This class shows how to teach dogs to recognise and manage their own mental state, a process we call “Conditioned Relaxation.”

What: New Conditioned Relaxation class; 4 sessions, with a lecture followed by a live discussion/Q&A/case followup. There will be a 10 minute break between the two class sections.

The lecture may be pre-recorded, but Kayce will be live online during the class and participants can write in questions via an online chat room. Recordings of the lectures will be made available to registered class participants as mp3 recordings which can be downloaded. The chats will not be made available as recordings, to preserve the privacy of participants. The recordings will be available during the span of the class, and for one month following.

When: Mondays, 8 pm EDT, starting June XX, 2015, continuing for 4 weeks. The entire class, lecture and discussion, and break, will take approximately 2 hrs 15 minutes. with a short break at 9 pm. Lecture will be the first 50 -60 minutes., discussion the second,

Where: From your computer or your phone. You will receive a call in number and the link to the live chat room.

Cost: $200 for the Conditioned Relaxation Series; $200 for the Cycles Series, to follow. $300 if adding the video option to either class.