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BOOKLIST (these are all manuals):

Introduction to Bridge and Target Technique: explains the non-verbal communication system, ‘Bridge and Target” and how to use it to create cued behavior; a glossary and some other materials are included.

SATS & the Family Dog: Daily living skills: Step-by-step directions for fast and easy training of critical living skills – includes introduction to “Conditioned Relaxation”, “Name & Explain”, loose-lead walking, wait, ear and nail care cooperation, and more.

TALK to me! A communication guide for people who live and work with animals: The companion book for my presentation at the Animal Intelligence, Behavior and Welfare symposium; surveys the layers of communication, from information conveyed in gestures, to two-way communication.



Costs for electronic manuals, paid via ( are as follows:

Introduction to Bridge and Target Technique: –> $36 ($46 for hard copy, not including shipping and handling)

SATS and the Family Dog: Daily living skills –> $26 ($31 for hard copy, not including shipping and handling)

TALK to me! A communication guide for people living and working with animals –> $21 ($25 for hard copy, not including shipping and handling

Shipping and Handling:  $6 for up to three manuals in a single order, shipped to a US address.  $26 for addresses outside the US where there is “Global Priority Mail”, and to be determined to other locations.



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To order hard copies:

Costs as listed for hard copies, plus shipping and handling: $6.00 US, $26.00 Internationally where there is Global Priority Mail delivery. Other areas must be priced by order address. Follow directions as for buying electronic copies (above) but state in the note that you want hard copies.

You can order a mix of hard and electronic copies, please just state which you want.


You can then watch chats, and some are FREE!!! There are chats for each booklet, as well as for other important subjects. You can join in if you like. Check out the other resources listed below, and please watch for seminars, online learning classes and more. See my signature below for links to online discussion, the online learning forum, and other resources.

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