Animal Legislation

SATS is all about Animal Welfare. Part of that is giving animals a voice in what they want and what is good for them. As humans, we cannot always think for them. Surprisingly to some, SATS is not about Animal Rights, which is the idea of giving legal rights to animals. In which case, you would not “OWN” your pet, but be your pet’s GUARDIAN. Sounds nice, but opens you up to attempts from others to take your animal because they say you are not a good enough GUARDIAN. Sound scary? Check the news, it is already happening.

Be proactive in protecting the welfare of animals but resisting the attempts of others to control your ability to live with and enjoy animals. See below for information on current legislation and what you can do to protect your right to live with and enjoy animals, with their highest welfare in mind and practice, of course.

And please note, many major animal rights forces are against people having pets. Check out an organization before joining or donating money.

HB999 before the Senate Ag Comittee, ACT NOW!!

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