Introducing Bridge and Target Class and Certification Camp

Class online, and camp in Virginia Beach, VA Dec 4-8, 2019


Open from today till October 28, 2019




Video presentation of this introduction

To register for class or camp:

Go to  to register for the class

This class will lead you through the powerful basics of Bridge and Target Training.  It will also prepare you for the Certification Camp AND it is a prerequisite for the Certification Camp.  $100% of the tuition counts toward your Certification Camp tuition – if you attend the camp within 2 calendar years of taking the class.

The class stands alone, but the Certification Camp requires this online class in addition to the 5 day camp.  Certification also requires passing the tests/exercises.

To register for the camp, go to  Use the code:  “camp” to shave $100 off the tuition for the camp. Good till October 27, 2019