SATS in Austin, 2008

Austin, Texas has a unique opportunity coming this June for anyone who works or lives with animals.


Kayce Cover, founder of SATS, will be in Hutto as the keynote speaker for the IACP’s (International Association of Canine Professionals) annual conference. While in the Austin, she will also be scheduling some seminar and SATS Education time for the public!

If you have any questions, want registration details, or would like to receive additional information please fill out the comments form below.


SATS is a training method that is quickly spreading around the world. The draw? Increased communication between humans and the animals with whom they live and work. Though Kayce will be in Austin for a canine convention, this training method has been shown to work with all types of animals, from domestic to exotic.

SATS users range from families who desire increased communication and a closer bond with their family pets to animal professionals such as veterinarians, zoo keepers, trainers and animal rescue workers. Many trainers believe that SATS decreases training time by as much as 75% and others who work with animals have found the increased communication an effective means of helping and managing animals in their work.

Though communication is key with SATS it is just the start down a path that enables animals to learn skills for life, competition, or fun, as well as help them deal with stressful situations and change their perceptions that may have resulted in undesirable behaviors. Many times all the animal needs is the information and that’s what SATS provides.

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