SATS for everyone in Memphis

Kayce Cover introduces SATS!


• Video clips of animals at work using SATS
• Demos on the spot
• Demo of how to start the communication process
• Simplicity of SATS
• What is possible

What: Introduction to SATS

When: Friday, October 12, 2007
7 pm—9:30 pm

Where: First Congregational Church (First Congo) Fellowship Hall, 1000 South Cooper, Memphis, TN
Admission: $20 per person $10 for students and zookeepers with ID at door, or to secure spot,
Pre-pay via Pay Pal (

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Come see how to demonstrate concepts and actions to animals, while building vocabulary and the animal’s ability to apply his knowledge in all situations – even those which are completely new and unknown.

Kayce Cover, author and international clinician and speaker, is the founder of Syn Alia Training Systems, and an innovator in animal training. She has degrees in education and animal science and experience working with a wide variety of animals in laboratories, zoos, animal shelters, and marine parks. She is now introducing her revolutionary ideas and techniques to pet owners, dog trainers, veterinarians, dog and horse exhibitors, and the general public.

Her work is making it easier and faster to teach animals and creating the means for these animals to communicate more clearly with their owners and handlers. She is also helping animals overcome the fear and anxiety that leads to reactive behavior and aggression.

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