Seminars for 2004

Date: November 13 – 14, 2004
Location: Hot Springs, SD
Type of Event: Introduction
Cost: $230
Private Lessons: November 11-12 & 14
Bring Dog: Yes
Details: Beyond Luring* (see below)

Date: December 4 – 12, 2004
Location: Norfolk, VA
Type of Event: Apprenticeship
Cost: $2000 ($1000 work study)
Private Lessons: No
Bring Dog: Yes
Details: Apprenticeship** (see below)

*Beyond Luring

An easy and efficient way to work with all animals

Within 5 minutes, an animal can begin to successfully communicate with YOU.

Nov 13-15, 2004
9:30 am registration
10 am to 4 pm seminar
4-5 pm questions

Token Irish Setters
Hot Springs, SD
Karen A. (Kay) Bedeau
605 745 5796
What is SATS??
An Animal Training System of “Operant Communication”

Syn Alia Training System (SATS) is an integrated training system, with Bridge and Target, Vocabulary, Perception Modification, Cycles, and more. People can communicate with animals with startling ease and without physical force or constraint. Best of all, SATS continues to evolve, empowering people with better and faster techniques for realizing their animal goals.

This seminar’s topics:
Perception Modification

Bridges – This training is unique because of its use of an intermediate bridge which signals the subject that s/he is on the right track but has not completed the trial yet (like the clue “getting warmer”). This has profound results! We can support the animal in every learning exercise— convert failed trials to successes – and expand correct behavior in the face of challenges. The intermediate bridge is followed by the terminal bridge, signaling successful completion of the behavior.

Target – Teaching an animal to focus on a target helps it learn in a distraction-rich environment. In Bridge and Target training, the targeting is not related directly to food, but to being bridged. An animal that is focused on food is not necessarily open to learning. Animals learn to focus on targets as “markers” for their correct actions, rather than as places where food will appear. Targeting shows an animal exactly how to be successful. Trial and error is eliminated. Using a series of targets, we can define any motion or behavior. Targets can be used to describe even very specific, very complex behaviors, for virtually errorless learning.

Perception Modification – SATS, the third thing animals are taught is to relax on cue – a key step in preparing them for changing their attitudes about things. It is a means of giving animals coping skills and changing their perceptions of stressful or disliked events. Many animals need this particular aspect of the training to get the most out of the remaining training program as some are too excited to settle down in a strange environment. This is a very safe and incredibly useful technique.

Be creative in your thinking …
This is for ALL animals!
Stress-free bathing, clipping, worming, vaccinations, general examinations, etc.
Dogs can learn to stack themselves and keep their attitude in conformation, to perfect a heel, to solidify a “come”.
Dogs and other animals can be taught to spin, jump through an object, touch on cue, etc.
Horses can be taught directions, dressage maneuvers, reining maneuvers, etc.
Animals can be taught to pick up a specific foot for hoof care.
The opportunities are only limited by your imagination and commitment.
Interesting Ways Kayce Has Used BnT:
Heifers trained for estrus detection (to tell scientists if the girls wanted food or a 5 minute date with a bull)
Litter training a horse
Chickens trained for a wild west chicken show
Carnivore (bears, wolves, otters, cheetahs) health maintenance program – trained to cooperate with own care – taking injections, teeth inspection, hair samples, etc.
Concept and vocabulary – talk with animals
Read more about Bridge & Target: Introduction to Concepts/ (see articles section) (a Belgian student — BnT with horses)

Who Should Attend: If you are an Animal caretaker, Owner, Researcher, Trainer, Animal Lover, Or…ANYONE who seeks the most humane and efficient training methods … this workshop is for you!

What to Expect:
Professional Informative Intensive Hands-On
This workshop involves a mixture of lecture and exercises. Participants may work with their own animals (on approval) or team up to practice with other students. (Approx 1 dog/3 humans).

Cost — $230

Two-day seminar – 9 (breakfast) 10 (seminar starts) to 4, questions till 5 each day
Written training syllabus
Meals: continental breakfast, light lunch, snacks
Animals welcome on approval, first come, first selected.
Registration Form Enclosed

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Contact Kay Bedeau Phone: 605 745 5796 or Email:

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**Apprenticeship Details: Spend 10 working days (10-5) with Kayce Cover. Focus will be on one training project (horse). Participants will assist in training, recording, analyzing, giving feedback and producing a training project. In addition, certified trainers will be assigned to tutor newer trainers. We will also do work on individual projects, including coaching, planning and analysis. Work study plan will include other kinds of work and camaraderie. First ever opportunity.