Debbie Winkler

… I am Debbie Winkler (Director of Training, Dog Ears and Paws, Sykesville, Maryland, US) & I have been training animals and providing behavior modification for problem animals for 24 years. I work mostly with dogs, cats, birds, and small animals. Also, I work with sanctuaries, small zoos and some primate centers, providing enrichment programs. For 19 years I have been training assistance & therapy dogs for adults and children with special needs. Most recently, we are beginning a therapeutic riding program.

For 19-20 years, I have used bridge & target training, and Kayce Cover has taken the bridge and target I knew, light years from what it was. SATS has dramatically decreased the time required to train assistance and therapy dogs, saving our small non-profit organization time, money and effort-also decreasing the stress on the dogs as well Dog Ears and Paws Website