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Sue Ketland (Training Officer, Wood Green Animal Shelters, Cambridgeshire, UK) wrote: “… the more I work with this method the more I feel that … SATS isn’t JUST a training technique – it’s a way of life!!”


… I am Debbie Winkler (Director of Training, Dog Ears and Paws, Sykesville, Maryland, US) & I have been training animals and providing behavior modification for problem animals for 24 years. … Most recently, we are beginning a therapeutic riding program.

For 19-20 years, I have used bridge & target training, and Kayce Cover has taken the bridge and target I knew, light years from what it was. SATS has dramatically decreased the time required to train assistance and therapy dogs, saving our small non-profit organization time, money and effort-also decreasing the stress on the dogs as well (more…)


Bridge and Target Training Seminar
April 26, 2003
By Cindy Hyde (Houston Obedience Training Dog Club)

(Note: BnT is a language of SATS)

…I must say that I was amazed at how quickly all the dogs picked up what was happening, and that they chose to participate. …(speaking of Perception Modification) It gave me a weird feeling to see the complete change in that short a time with the golden. I was privy to see it in action again at the end of the day. The seminar hostess had a poodle who got snappy with the golden when they got too close together. They were “calmed” by voice only and were able to be within two feet of each other in literally 5 seconds.

… By two pm, which included having a leisurely lunch with good conversation, all the dogs were showing such progress and the handlers were more sure of themselves and the method that it was awe inspiring. (more…)

Copyright April 2003 Cindy Hyde