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What you eat can be killing orangutans!! Get informed, get with it, give help! Learn more here and here.

Kayce will be the keynote speaker for the IACP Conference, June 4-7, 2008, Hutto, TX. See below for details.

Mushie’s owner, Wood Greens Sue Ketland, writes: This TV ad tells the story of my little JR ‘Mushy’. She was abandoned in a rented property for nearly a week with no food and just a kitten as a companion.”

Mushy came to live with me nearly 3yrs ago and she was my first dog that I trained with SATS (Syn Alia Training Systems) from the start. The cat in this piece had swiped at her the day before filming so it took a lot of ‘getting easy’ and bridging to pull this off. The SATS exercises include – chin down, head up, look up, and body parts (for vet exam). It’s a short piece but I’m very proud of my little girl’s first ever TV performance. I hope you enjoy it and therefore support our charity. Thank you.”

Perception Modification has been important in improving, and sometimes, in saving, the lives of MANY animals, at Wood Green and all over the world.

Looming on the horizen: Wood Green Animal Shelters and Kayce Cover will be joining forces in February and March to bring SATS and progressive shelter care to people in the UK. Kayce will be at the Wood Green booth at Crufts, all days. Please stop in and say hi. SATS may help your animals as well.

Well-received event: Netherlands tour: Public Events for Dogs and RABBITS. First ever for SATS. Join us for fun with the whole family. Contact Erica Bokelmann click to email. Read below for more details on this and other events to come.

Nov, Netherlands, EU – Trainer Development Days leading to 2 Fun Day events; All Certified Trainers in good standing are eligible to attend preparation for PM Certification at the first level, and then stay for 2 skill and business building Fun Days. However, attendance limited to 15.

Date: Nov 5-8
Type of Event: Trainer Development Days, Perception Modification 2.1 Certification & Bridge and Target Development
Location: TBA
Details: Erica Bokelmann

Date: Nov 10
Type of Event: Rabbit Fun Day (Konijns!)
Location: TBA
Details: Erica Bokelmann

Date: Nov 11
Type of Event: SATS Fun Day with Dogs!
Location: TBA
Details: Erica Bokelmann

Type of Event: SATS for the Health Professional
Location: TBA
Details: Erica Bokelmann

Date: Nov 17/18
Type of Event: Introducing Horses to SATS- If you have been reading about SATS in Natural Horse Planet, come see it in action here!
Location: TBA
Details: Erica Bokelmann

Important 2008 Dates

WGAS 2008 Seminar Series, Spring

– Feb 29: Conformation Stack and Carry
Clinic for teaching Self-Stand and Stack, Dynamic carriage, Gay tail correction – in time for Crufts

– Mar 1 Wood Green Dog Fun Day
– Mar 2 Small Pet Academy: Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, and other small pets

CRUFTS 2008 March 6/9

IACP Conference, 2008 June 4-7 Kayce Cover, Featured Speaker