Four Training Sessions, 6 days, less than 30 minutes total (click links to see videos)


Naming:  Identify these


Working with the concept ‘not’    


Last training session we asked Sera to name all these objects.  This session we asked her to class them according to whether they were used on her feet or her body.  See it here    The red mystery brush featured in Denis Simards bet (below) appears at 1 min 30 secs.


Stiffest and less stiff, soft, identification of objects, full vs empty, betadine vs water  and video above, long version


The Big Bet


Then Denis Simard, a SATS trainer working on a manual on teaching dressage using SATS, suggested that Sera deserved a chance to identify the red ‘bath brush’, which she had ‘not used before’.  He gently goaded me to test her on it, predicting she would correctly class the new brush.

So I did, here. This is about a month after the initial explanation, with no review.  In fact, I have been out of town and have not seen Sera for over a month.


To double check, I asked again, changing the answer position


Sera was seamless.  Denis won his bet.  




Sera remembers the names of the items.  They are frequently used around her, but she learned them over seven years ago.


She is adept at classifying the items, according to their use.


She quickly assimilated a new item.


She is working on the concepts of stiff, stiffer, medium, soft and softer.


I love this stuff.  I love this horse!


Thanks for visiting.  Let me know what YOU think, and if you would like to do this with your horse, or other animal.  Dog are great at this, as are parrots and other birds.