Update:  Things were happening so quickly, I did not get these posted in time.  I am sorry that there is no lead time for you to join us.  However, it is likely we will do follow on events.  But this is an exciting event that I wanted to share with you.  Thank you for being part of this community, and for working for the best possible partnership with animals!

Wed Sep 18

Affair is coming :  SATS Master sessions


This is really exciting.  If you can arrange things in time and get here to SE Virginia, YOU can be part of it.  So, what is ‘it’?


‘It’ is a chance to come together with other like minded trainers to watch and discuss training.  Denis and I will be doing the bulk of the training, but we will stop as possible and explain and discuss our goals, tasks, triumphs, challenges, and future plans.


Our community member, Denis Simard is bringing Affair


Denis is one of the first adopters of SATS (1993!) and he has used it to turn around numerous horses, and to teach, and compete in, dressage.  He is also a polo player.


Affair is a Arab mare, who is training at 4th level dressage.  Affair is joining my family forever, and I am so excited to meet her, and to learn about her and her learning.  


Sat, Sun, Mon Sept 21-23 Denis and I will be training and talking.  You will be able to watch us apply SATS to teach things in an efficient, elegant way that invites the horse as a willing, engaged, collaborator. We may be able to include you in training!   We will retreat for a leisurely lunch at a local venue, where we can sit waterside to munch and muse.


Anyone interested in motivating animals to a high level of achievement and performance, and conveying detailed information to animal animal partners, will find value in this opportunity.  I am planning on having a blast.


If you can get here, you can be part of it.  Your participation fee goes directly toward the care of the horses.  There are nice accommodations for an incredible price.


This is the first and only time we have ever offered an event like this.


Email or PM me for details right away, if you want to join us.  There is not much lead time, and we can only accommodate 5 people max.




Kayce Cover

Admin · Yesterday at 5:40 PM

Hi all,

Things are progressing wildly here.  By wildly I mean hurricanes, storms, broken electrial supply wires, storm clean up and the arrival of Affair – just like that.

She comes tonight.

And, she ushers in a whole new set of adventures – things I have not taught in earnest before, and I am about to start sharing them now.

Exciting things like honest to goodness two-way communication that anyone can understand,  Things like a complete explanation of how to communicate and inspire an animal to learn all the critical living skills, from cooperation with vets, to the elevated and intricate demands of dressage.  (Dressage is, simply put, the art and science of optimal grace and movement for horses. It makes all horses better at all horse endeavors. There is a traditional way it has been taught, and there is the SATS way.)

If you are not a horse person, don’t think this is not for you.  I find horses particularly easy to study SATS with. And all animals benefit from knowing body parts, alignment, collection, movement, and how to talk with us.  Everything we do with Affair and Sera (my beloved Arab mare) is relevant to the training of any, and all, animals.

This information is only available in SATS, and starting now.  More coming, starting when Affair arrives, later tonight.

There will be 2 tracks of learning:

  • pet owners who are in love with the philosophy and possibilities of SATS and want some of this in their lives and relationships
  • serious trainers who seek to master these tools and skills , perhaps gain certification, and maybe go on to become certified instructors of SATS.

Heady stuff.  If you are interested in 2), you will want to finish your Bridge and Target certification and get ready for 2 way communication.

More soon.  You will see this other places, but I am posting it here first.  The photo is Denis Simard, with Affair