Take a sip of coffee, a deep breath, and don’t blink.  Sarah Roberts sets it outhere , in elegant simplicity:  how to teach a visual bridge (while also teaching the meaning of both the terminal and intermediate bridges, and the finger target).  It takes about two minutes.

If you are challenged with teaching and training a hearing impaired animal, this video is a lifeline!


I suggest watching once to see how each behavior is taught, and again to see exactly how the visual bridges are taught.  (it is done in 6 trials)  I have watched it 5 times already, and I already know the material, but observation can be demanding.  Please let us know if we met our goal of making this process clear and doable for you.  If you are wondering about any aspect of this training or this tool, please put comments and questions in the comments below.  We are looking forward to hearing from you.


Sara Roberts is the ONLY certified Instructor for SATS in America.  She has extensive experience with many species of animals in many challenging disciplines.  She has a Masters in Special Education, and she is a licensed teacher.  She is fluent in SATS.


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Enjoy, and thanks, Sarah Roberts!