I am going to one of the best circuses in the world tonight – the circus I grew up with, and that my parents, and grandparents grew up with.  I am going to see the Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailing Red Unit, also known as “Circus Extreme”.  And I will see this circus for the last time.


And when it is gone, about 150 and years of accumulated experience and expertise will be blown to the winds..


I will see this circus for the last time, because despite it’s excellent care of the circus animals, the animal rights activists have prevailed in turning people away from the circus.  They have badgered Feld Entertainment,  and the circus personnel.  They have spread lies.  They have misrepresented circus staff and practices, and they have done this with the help of millions of contributors that may be well intentioned, but lacked the sincere concern to check on the goals and practices of the organizations they funded.


And I am angry.  I am disgusted.  I am sad.  More than anything else, I am sad.  I am sad for the animal trainers and grooms who are likely to lose the animals that are family members to them.  I am heartbroken for the animals, who are likely to die.  Although Feld Entertainment is working diligently to help the circus acts find other employment, and to find places for the animals owned directly by the circus, it is expensive to take care of animals, and many of the privately owned animals may perish.  When Belgium banned circuses, 80 percent of the animals were dead, or missing and presumed dead, within two weeks!  


Is this what all you animal lovers wanted?  Because it is surely what hsus and peta wanted – and still want.  And YOUR donators are funding them.  You are killing the very animals you profess to love and save.  You need to face this.  And believe me,  I will keep reminding you.

Peta and HSUS have destroyed something beautiful, complex and awe inspiring. They  have destroyed the biggest circus in America – a circus that has survived for 150 years. A circus that was an extravagant production that travelled all over the world, but got destroyed in its heartland.   They have destroyed the livelihoods of all the animal trainers and grooms, but also all the other acts, riggers, MC’s, clowns and other staff, many of whom  are  are now homeless and jobless.  And they are responsible for the deaths of all the animals that perish because of the circus closing.  Every one.  This is what irresponsible muckraking has brought. 


If you REALLY love animals,  prove it.


Start here: Peta Kills Animals  


Learn about these extremists, and fight to end peta’s tax exempt status – which every taxpayer is subsidizing!


Do not donate to peta or HSUS.  Instead, donate to  your local shelter, like this one.  In a year when peta killed over 90% of the animals surrendered to them (with assurances of being placed in new homes), this little shelter in Norfolk, Virginia, placed 79% of their animals in new homes.


Then, do a bit of research about peta.  And find that Peta wants to end all association between people and animals, as shown in this quote by Ingrid Newkirk.


And that Peta and HSUS LOST the legal battle with the Ringling Bros Circus, where it was shown that the ‘witnesses’ against Ringling Circus had been paid $190,000 by extremists, to back their claims.  Read the story here.

And that HSUS paid 15.75 MILLION in racketeering lawsuit settlement.
Then come back and help  reverse the damage that these extremist groups are doing to the animals we love and appreciate, and to their inclusion in our society.  Do this now, before it is too late.