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My guest is Sarah Roberts, SATS Certified Trainer, Level 3, in both Perception Modification and Bridge and Target. Sarah is also a licensed teacher for special needs students with a Masters in special needs education. She has worked with a broad spectrum of animals, including deep experience with dogs, cats, sheep, horses, and parrots. See a bit of her work here:

Sarah Roberts website:           Phone: (469) 759-0136, Dallas, TX

Online class coming up, Conditioned Relaxation with live discussions. Class will run for the second two weeks of October, with 2 discussions a week. Discussions Sun 7p, Mon 9p, eastern time

Events where we can work together in person
East coast: B&T Seminars, Oct 22-23, 2016, at Laura Mathieson and Hillary Stains’, SNIFFERS Doggie Retreat & Training Center, in Rockville, MD
Details here: (full day seminar)   and here (half day seminar)

West coast: PM Certification Camp, Nov 5- 9, 2016, at Jen Freilich’s, The End of Your Leash, in Riverside, CA
Details here: 

Blog is up and running. We are covering zoonotic diseases, like Lyme Disease, training issues, animals in captivity, and news on events related to Kayce Cover and SATS.
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Special for tonight’s discussion:  Hand in the dog food bowl – how I started with Rocky