SATS Certification FAQS


Q)  What is SATS?

A)  SATS is short for Syn Alia Training Systems, which evolved from Bridge and Target training, and incorporate a number of independent features developed by Kayce Cover during her career as an exotic animal trainer and manager.  Learn more and see video:

Q)  Is SATS certification a dog training certification?

A)  No.  It is a certification in a particular technique (SATS).  One does not need to be a dog trainer to become certified.  One simply must successfully complete the requirements and maintain their earned status.  Anyone who wants to understand and use SATS is welcome to become certified in one or more of the SATS certifications.  SATS can be layered with most other training systems and practices.

Q)  What are the SATS certification?

A)  There currently two types of SATS certifications offered at this time:

1)  Bridge and Target :  Training and management based on a graphic, non-verbal communication system.  This builds into a verbal communication system, which supports the animal in taking learned skills and abilities into new situations.  This is perhaps the richest, most efficient training system of its time.

2)  Perception Modification:  Using Name & Explain and Bridging to help animals cope, and Teaching and using Conditioned Relaxation to solve animal behavior issues..  And,  Using Cycles to solve behavioral problems.

  • Also coming:
    • Behavior Analysis (how to figure out how to train ANYTHING),
    • Curriculum Management (for setting up complete education systems for animals),
    • Program Management (for managing training staffs to preserve and advance the training of program animals),
    • Energetics (how to manage personal and interpersonal energy for safest and best results),
    • Certified instructor

Q)  What is Perception Modification?

A)  Perception Modification:  Teaching animals to cope with stresses and manage their emotions.   Coping skills  help animals stay healthy. Stressed animals are more likely to become ill.

Q)  Are there continuing requirements to maintain certification?

A)  Yes.  One must submit a record of related activities and complete 5 continuing education credits per year (not necessarily seminar or course hours).  Credits are also awarded for various training related activities and achievements.

Q)  Are there different levels of certification?  Is there a hierarchy amongst trainers?

A)  Yes, and no.  There are currently three levels of certification within each type of certification.  These levels are:
1)  mastery of basic knowledge and skills
2)  application of basic knowledge and skills
3)  independent problem solving and training development

All trainers are at various levels, according to their level of certification and experiential credits.  Trainers agree to respect one another, to work cooperatively, and to teach at the level of their certification.

Q)  How is the first level of certification gained?

There are three steps:
1)  4 days of prerequisite seminars, OR 2 online classes
2)  5 day certification camp – trainers working on site, together, to master the critical information and skills related to SATS.
3)  3 tests, all of which must be passed: 1)   basic information, 2)  fluent use of the tools of that level, and 3)  ability to explain use of tools at that level


Summary:  If you are intrigued by SATS, the way we interact with animals, the success we share with animals, and the way we are able to help animals recreate their lives, then YOU may be a candidate for certification.  Find the next event, then go here to  register:


Certified Trainer Annet Schultze, with Kayce and Sera