Perception Modification Classes

Who: Kayce Cover

What: Kayce Cover will help you help dogs! Kayce will lead two classes in Perception Modification – 1) Conditioned Relaxation and 2) Cycles

Why: Because dogs lose their homes and their lives due to failure to manage emotions and cope with stresses, and you can change that! This class shows how Kayce teaches dogs to recognize and manage their own mental state, and to cope with stresses, a process we call “Perception Modification.” But you can call it SUCCESS!

I have already used [Kayce’s] techniques and they are incredible. It only took me one thunder storm to modify Jade’s behavior from being scared to death to wanting to play every time thunder hits. Powerful stuff. Matt Welch, rehabber of aggressive pit bulls

Trainers: Professional trainers report that these tools change business. They report that training advances faster, cleaner, and better, and the animals love working. Many, many trainers report reaching new levels of relationship with their own, and client, animals. And, these tools allow trainers to easily tackle the thorniest problems of training:
– reactivity
– hyperarousal
– aggression
– separation anxiety
– phobieas
– travel problems
– and more!

I LOVE Perception Modification!!!!!!!!! First thunderstorm of the season, I saw the lightening, warned Kona about the thunder. It was SO much louder than expected. She popped up and chuffed a warning at the sky. I reminded her that it’s just thunder and she can be easy. She’s easy. She’s totally chill..not a worry on her mind. Thank you Kayce Cover!!!! Angela Monteith, professional trainer

Details: Each class is a series of prerecorded lectures and activities and four live chat sessions, 1 hour each. The lectures are yours to download and keep. The chats are live and all are conducted in the month of June and early July, arming you for the 4th of July!

The lecture are pre-recorded, giving you the convenience of listening when and where you like. Kayce will be live online during the four class chats, and participants can write in questions via an online chat room. Recordings of the lectures will be made available to registered class participants as mp3 recordings which can be downloaded. The chats will not be made available as recordings, to preserve the privacy of participants. The recordings will be available during the span of the class, and for one month following.

When: Class chats will be held Mon and Thurs, 8:30p – 9:30p Eastern Daylight Savings Time, US, June 13,16,20,23 (Conditioned Relaxation) and June 27,30 July 3,7 (note July 3 is a Sunday, and allows us to meet just before the fireworks start on the 4th) (Cycles)

Where: From your computer or your phone. You will receive a call in number and the link to the live chat room. You will also receive notes and other materials via either email or download link.

How: To participate in this class, register at the bottom of this page, then follow the directions to submit payment.

Cost: $200 for each class $300 if adding the video option to either class.

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