I do 2-4 events per year. This year, I hope to do only two Perception Modification Certification Camps. These are for professional trainers and passionate owners. At the camps, we work toward mastery of the tools of SATS which allow us to help even dogs and owners struggling with the most severe behavioral problems..

The first, and only, Certifcation Camp, on the schedule, is quickly approaching. This will be Feb 1-5, in Gainesville, Florida, at DreamDogz, with Victoria and Richard Warfel. If you need to solve a problem with a dog, but don’t plan to be training other dogs, you might find the 3 hour session to be perfect for you. This is held on Feb 5, as part of the Camp.

Finally, we are offering a two day Bridge and Target Seminar, on Feb 6-7. We will explore this dynamic technique, and get you up and running. We will cover several critical skills, like body parts, direction, duration and send aways.

Particulars: for each of the events below, go to bottom of page and fill in the registration page, then submit it. Then, make payment. There is only a store page for the Perception Modification Camp. So, you can go straight to paypal.com, and send a payment to Kayce, at kc@synalia.com, noting the event you’re paying for in the note.

For pros and passionate owners:
Perception Modification Study Camp: https://synalia.com/2015/10/30/2016-gainesville-fl-feb-1-5-perception-modification-certification-study-camp/ (fill in registration form at bottom of page)
Pay here: https://synalia.com/store/courses/pmcamp/

For people who want to solve a problem with a single dog:
3 Hr Semi-private Session: https://synalia.com/2015/10/30/2016-gainesville-fl-3-hr-semi-private-session-dog-coping-skills/ (fill in registration form at bottom of page)
Pay at: https://www.paypal.com

For those who want to learn about Bridge and Target Technique, pro and owner:
Bridge and Target Seminar: https://synalia.com/2015/10/31/2016-turbocharged-training-intro-to-bridge-and-target-technique/ (fill in registration form at bottom of page)
Pay at: https://www.paypal.com

I look forward to working together! See you there!

Best wishes,