The difference seen in the video above took a total of 4 hours and included changing behavior regarding other dogs on walks and at the dog park. This was a problem of many years duration, and it was a problem that had caused numerous injuries between the dogs.

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For many problems, the trainer is five days, or less, from a dramatic improvement.  So, if a dog is reactive to other dogs, we are often only 5 days away from solving that problem to the extent that the dog will self-manage in the presence of other dogs (in the environment he was trained in).  However, if that dog is also reactive to cats, it might take additional time to get the dog to also self-manage in the presence of cats.  Also, more work is done to expand the training into all environments in the dog’s life.

Sometimes it can take longer, but still work.  I worked Janet Schwartz, SkyViewK9. and Angela Monteith, then of Flying Colors Canine Academy, now of The Empowered Dog, to help a dog named “Bud”.  Bud was diagnosed as an extremely severe anxiety case by a major vet school hospital.  It was deemed that Bud could never be off medication, stay in a crate, or be left alone.  It took a few weeks to have Bud off medications.  It took a  year to ready Bud to be successful in a normal home.  He is now doing great and sometimes chooses to sleep in his crate, and can be left in his crate, or left at home, without having a meltdown.

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