2016 Gainesville, FL  3 hr Semi-private Session – Dog Coping Skills

supercedes all previous announcements:

Solve your dog’s problem behaviors, with your dog’s help .   


  • FEARS,


  • grooming or vet issues.  


Kayce Cover leads you for a 3 Hour Semi-Private Session in Dog Coping Skills. Start toward success with Kayce, continue with your SATS Certified Trainer.

What:  Three hours of working with your dog to solve problems, alternated with group discussion and a chance to observe the other dogs working on their problems.  

DOGS:  Participants can bring any dog that they can certify, in writing, they can handle safely in public** (see details below), and which will not disrupt the seminar with barking or other noise.  As space permits, participants can bring multiple dogs. You must bring and engage whatever equipment required for safety.   All dogs must be on lead at all times when out of crates or cars, and in crates or cars the remainder of the time. No dogs are to be brought into contact except in accordance with the class activities.  Please bring private water bowls, crates, and crate covers.

If your dog is not safe to handle in public, please contact Kayce at kc@synalia.com and we will determine how to best serve your needs.  

When:  Fri, Feb 5, 1 pm to 4:00pm.  

Where:  3909 NW 97th Blvd, Gainesville, FL

(contact:  352 278 7404  or “‘Victoria Warfel'” <victoriawarfel@gmail.com>)


PAYMENT:  $175 via check or paypal

  • PAYPAL:   https://www.PayPal.com, email kc@synalia.com
  • CHECKS: payable to KAYCE COVER.; mail to to Kayce Cover, 1719D Kingston Ave,  Norfolk, VA 23503. Must be postmarked 14 days prior to seminar.  
  • No refunds.




Best Western Gateway Grand, 4200 NW 97th Blvd, Gainesville, FL 32606

Phone: (352)331-3336


call 352-331-3336 or 1-877-464-2378 to make reservations for group block Dream Dogz – to get the discounted rate. A credit or debit card is required at time of booking, and check in.

REGISTRATION FORM  Semi Private Session, dog and owner:  Copy, complete and return to kc@synalia.com , 1 form per dog.


“I,  _________________________________,     hereby certify that I can and will manage this dog in such a way to ensure the safety of all other people and dogs at the seminar and that I have been truthful in divulging the aggression history of the dogs I am bringing..  I will respect the dog rules.  I will bring and engage all necessary safety equipment, such as crates and muzzles, and will have the equipment on the dog/ready as appropriate” (type name to certify and you will be asked to sign a copy at the  event)


Session location/date: __________________________


Your Name:_________________________________________


Address: __________________________________________




Phone: (Home) ____________________ (Work) ______________________




Dog Name:_________________________________________


Issue: __________________________________________




Aggression/reactivity: ____________________ ______________________






Safety equipment you will be bringing:________________________________


DOG(S): No extra fee.  All dogs must be pre-registered and approved.   All dogs admitted as space and safety allow.  Problems of aggression or reactivity must be discussed prior to bringing dog. Contact Kayce Cover :  kc@synalia.com.

QUESTIONS? E-mail kc@synalia.com