Trainer evening – Introduction to SATS

Meet Mark McCabe, certified in both Perception Modification and Bridge and Target. Mark has been applying SATS tools in his successful business for over 15  years.  Prior to embracing SATS, Mark was a skilled trainer, specializing in ringsports, with three National Championships.

Mark will arrange our Skype meeting, and will explain and demonstrate the tools directly. Take the opportunity to experiment with the SATS tools.  Then look further (see links below).

SATS arms you to –

Solve problems:

  • Aggression
  • Reactivity
  • Phobias
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Hyper-arousal

Build relationships

Lead animals to exceptional performance

SATS is based on unique tools, which Mark will introduce:

  • Bridges
  • Targets
  • Name and Explain
  • Conditioned Relaxation
  • Cycles
  • And more!

Build exceptional performance

  • Bridge and Target communication system
  • Buy – in

Demonstration live – with people (you get to experience directly)

also:  see

Want more information?

email with your questions and interests



Trainer evening – the Best Next Step for the SATS trainer certified in Perception Modification

You earned certification, but you are busy and finding it a bit awkward to incorporate SATS into your successful business.  There is help ahead.

Cycles Intensive:  2 days –  Thur Oct 15 – Fri Oct 16 , 10-4:30

Support for re-certifiers and certified trainers putting SATS to work.

Email/pm for details (Baltimore, MD area)


Other subjects can follow:

Working the SATS and the Family Dog teaching plan

Conditioned Relaxation to the rescue in your established practice

Training plans:  step out with confidence

Problem solving intensive:  various subjects like aggression, noise phobias, and separation anxiety


Here are some of the things coming up:

New website – members only section

New logo for your use

Re-certification – video review,  every third year

Teaching aids for use with clients


Next Certified Trainer Development Days, Oct 15-16, Mark McCabe, Baltimore, MD

Next Certified Trainer Certification Camp, Feb 1-5, Victoria Warfel, Gainesville, FL

Next Bridge and Target Intro:  Feb 6 -7, Victoria Warfel, Gainsville, FL

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