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Update, which supercedes all previous announcements:

Who: Kayce Cover will lead a Certification Camp in “Perception Modification – Conditioned Relaxation & Cycles”

Why: Because the reasons dogs lose their homes and their lives is usually due to failure to manage emotions and cope with stressors appropriately. In this camp, we will lead people to master the Perception Modification process, solving all kinds of difficult problems with dogs.

What: We will meet Fri 7:30-9 to Meet & Greet, and see some video and demos.  Then early home to start Sat, Oct 4.  Four full days (10 – 4:30) of study and application of Perception Modification principles and protocols, leading to earning certification at Level I*. (see details below).

Participants can bring any dog that they can certify they can handle safely in public** (see details below). As space permits, participants can bring multiple dogs.

We will work as many dogs as possible as we master the critical skills, acquire the basic knowledge.

When: Sat Oct 4 through Tue Oct 7, 10 am to 4:30 pm. There will be a meet and greet on Friday evening, 7:30 – 9 pm. Private sessions can be scheduled during the day on Fri Oct 3  (contact Kayce Cover directly).

Where: Finish Forward Dogs, 30 Spring Hill Road, Saco, Maine, 04072 info@finishforwarddogs.com email. tele 207-251-2296; http://www.finshforwarddogs.com

How: To participate in this class, read the info, complete the registration form at https://synalia.com/2014-PM-Certification-Camp and click on PayPal button to pay.

Cost:  $1749 for the Perception Modification Camp;   International payments must be by PayPal.  US payments can be by check, but full payment must arrive by Sept 15 to Kayce Cover, PO Box 8788, Norfolk, VA 23503.  No refunds.  Private sessions as arranged.

More info on certification: https://synalia.com/2012/05/17/what-is-a-sats-certification-and-how-can-i-get-one/


*The goal is for each participant to earn certification, which requires demonstration of mastery of the skills, and passage of a written test with 95% or better score. Students collaborate to accomplish this as a team. The result is all trainers emerge being excellent at these skills, rather than passing at a mediocre level. This is doable! Come ahead. If you are not generally comfortable in a class or test environment, come anyway. This will be a new experience.

** Dogs: All can bring a dog(s) as approved. You must certify, signed and in writing, that you will manage the dog safely in public, and will bring and engage whatever equipment required to do that. If any dog is disruptive, he will be excused from the camp until he is no longer disruptive.

All dogs must be on lead at all times when out of crates or cars, and in crates or cars the remainder of the time. No dogs are to be brought into contact except in accordance with the class activities. Please bring private water bowls, crate covers.


NEW:  Fri Oct 3  Maine Semi-Private Session Option
Adding an option to our event in Maine.  To register, fill out the certification camp registration but pay for the semi-private option instead of the certification option.  All events have the same registration form.  You bring your problem dog, or any dog** (see dog registration on registration form below).


1) 4 hour semi-private session, noon – 4 pm, Fri Oct 3, 2014:    (cost:  $175)

2) Followed by pot luck dinner, compliments of Forward Finish Dog!

3) Culminating with an evening presentation on SATS and its many uses.  This will be a collection of stories, videos and demos, showing what SATS is, many examples of how to use it, and chance to explore it for yourself a bit. (free)


Private session option:  

The morning of Fri Oct 3, 2014 is available for private sessions, ½  hr:  $70, 1 hr:  $130
To register for private sessions, please email kc@synalia.com directly to arrange.


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IMPORTANT: AFTER YOU SUBMIT THIS FORM, IF YOU ARE NOT REDIRECTED; PLEASE CLICK THIS LINK: https://synalia.com/2014/08/21/2014-maine-pm-certification-camp-payment-page/