The 'SATS & the Family Dog' manual is all about teaching critical living skills that keep dogs harmoniously in their homes.

Critical living skillsfor dogs!

Pictured is one of the manuals I have developed – or more accurately, which is in development. See it here.  It is pricey by page, so what gives?


And if you buy all the manuals at once, couldn’t there be a discount?  Why not?  It is just a click to send it.

Today, I received that  very good question:  Is there a discount when someone buys all the electronic manuals at once?


The answer is currently no.  But I think, in this day of really inexpensive material on the internet, this question deserves a deeper answer.

The answer is that you are not just buying these manuals.  You are supporting the efforts to continue to develop and improve these, and additional, materials.  For example, there is now a DVD showing “Conditioned Relaxation” and how we condition it (here. ).  As soon as that came out, we made a recording expanding on the conference presentation.  Now we are working on a study guide to accompany the DVD.

This week we start production on a horse training video which I hope will impact the way all horses live and interact with people.

The other main thrust is the creation of the “Perception Modification” manual.

Also,  these techniques cannot be found other places, or , more accurately, they are found here first.  If you work with marker training and use an Intermediate Bridge, it started here.  At the University of Maryland in 1990.  See some of the original video here.

There is more.  Please read on to share what I shared with the trainer who wrote me the original question:


I  don’t currently discount multiple purchases of manuals, so in answer to your question, no discount is offered.

Here is why:  I am currently dedicated to training trainers.  I believe that the tools I help trainers to acquire will revolutionize their work and income.  Meanwhile, I am striving to bring additional information and support materials to trainers.  I do very few seminars or even consulting, in order to prioritize this goal.  Right now, I am developing the curriculum for ‘Perception Modification’, which has lead countless dogs into new lives where they are able to self manage in the face of environmental challenges, and temptations.

Your purchase of these manuals supports my ability to do this.

And by the way, I am eager to revise all of them!  But right now the focus is on getting them out there rather than on getting them perfect.  It’s a kind of ‘hot off the press’ thing, even if the press date does not seem so recent.

Also, those trainers who go for one of the certifications (currently offered are ‘Perception Modification’ and ‘Bridge and Target’, but also in prep is ‘Behavior Analysis’, ‘Personal Energy Management’, and ‘Training Notation’.  A trainer makes a significant investment in time and money to achieve one of these certifications at the first level, which is the ‘Critical Skills and Knowledge’ level.  However, there is no additional cost for level two, which is “Proficiency in Broad Applications” or level three, which is “Independent Mastery”.  If you explore the kind of training our trainers do, you will see every application, every kind of achievement, and every kind of animal.  Certified trainers are also invited, at no additional cost, to work on site with me at my location for a week.  We have a blast and get a lot accomplished.

So, this is like Community Sustained Agriculture.  You pay up front, to support my work, and I strive to make your investment pay dividends.

If you choose to start with one manual, “TALK to me!” gives the most bang for the buck and is the easiest beginning.  It takes no training skills, just awareness, and increasing the information we give animals makes all our lives better, quickly.

“SATS & the Family Dog”  is a set of training plans to solve the most common problems that lead to dogs being given up for adoption.  It is intended for use as a lesson/seminar template for professional trainers, as well as directions for owners.

“Introduction to Bridge and Target Technique” is all about how to communicate and build amazing behaviors.  This information will support all applications and sports, communication, ‘trick’ training and more.  Pure fun and games, from my perspective.  And very interesting.

“Perception Modification” (under construction) is probably my most important work, as, no matter how smart a dog is, if he cannot manage himself, he may have a short, miserable life.  And, when he is stuck in arousal, his true intelligence cannot be accessed.  Further, arousal directly affects dog health in debilitating ways.  The problem with this material is that it has many simple components which must all be managed by the trainer at once.  I think we have a handle on it, however and although we don’t have the manual yet, we are certifying many trainers who are saving and enhancing the lives of countless dogs.  Very powerful stuff.  And, a very low risk way to approach some dangerous problems.


You can use the PayPal button below,  to order the PennVet Working Dog Conference DVD, right from here.  This DVD has my conference presentation on how to align dogs with our goals, and also shows two workshops.  The first is about how to start dogs on ‘Conditioned Relaxation’.  I currently recommend that people start here on their exploration of SATS.  It is a great place to start with most dogs.


Choose the destination when you order the DVD, to get the correct price to ship to your location.



Best wishes in your work, and thank you for taking a close look at my work.  And thank you for your support.”

Thank you ALL for your support, and for helping, and even saving animals.  Together, we are making a difference.

And, stay tuned! One of these days we may discount multiple purchases.


Best wishes, and many blessings, to all.