2014-02-23_12-17-53The PennVet Working Dog Conference video – content and order info

Kayce was a speaker at the PennVet Working Dog Conference in St. Louis, MO, in April 2013.  Tawzer Dogs videod her presentation and two workshops.  The video is 2 hours and 56 minutes long and shows all presentations, training and instruction, in real time.

The presentation is titled:

“Leading Trainers and Their Canine Partners to Self-Driven Excellence”

It is about how we can align others, including dogs, to our purposes without relying on food or toys or coercion.


 It is about how to create truly reciprocal partnerships with animals.  As long as we are enforcing our training, the animal is not truly reliable.  It is when the dog sees the training goals as his goals, that he drives the behavior, and magic happens.

There were also two workshops:  “Conditioned Relaxation” and “Name and Explain”

Each of these is over an hour long and shows a group of trainers learning and applying these tools to their dogs.  The training and instruction is real time, in a complex environment.  The improvement can be tracked, in the face of lots of exciting activity going on in close proximity.

Kayce has also recorded additional explanation and coaching, and all purchasers here will receive access to that recording (over an hour long).

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