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Take a stand for working animals and their human partners. Please sign the petition I started! Thanks! Let’s keep animals close in our culture and in our hearts. Best wishes, Kayce Cover’s SATS & Bridge & Target Training

Let the carriage horses be! As a professional animal trainer and manager, I know that my animals love the work we do together, and they love their fans and the carriage horses do too! Both carriage and police horses are beloved and cared for and are an important part of New York – AND SHOULD REMAIN SO. Don’t sell out the stables for commercial development. Instead, give them turnout privileges in Sheep’s Meadow, Central Park and one day of rest a week to enjoy it!

Here is a link that I resonated with and maybe you will too: How Red is abused every day

And here is where you can go to support and help the carriage drivers and their horses: New York City Carriage Horses Facebook page

and: Save New York City Horse Carriages website

See/sign the petition!