SATS Banner, PennVet Working Dog Conference, St. Louis, MO, April 2013

We have a professionally produced video to offer!!!   The videos from the Penn Vet Working Dog Conference are out!  They are “Unrestricted” for international viewing and should show in ANY DVD player or computer DVD drive.  See below for international postage fee.


I will give a special online discussion and explanation of this event and my presentation Sunday, Nov 10, 2013 Eastern Standard Time, US.  The video includes the conference presentation,

“Leading Trainers and Their Canine Partners to Self-Driven Excellence”


As well the actual workshop video for “Conditioned Relaxation” and “Name and Explain”


For admission, get your video through me.  Order ASAP for ontime delivery.  Cost is $39.99 plus $6.80 postage/handling  = $46.79  via to

Postage/handling for countries that have Global Priority Service, including Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and Europe:  $24.95 –  or $64.94.

ORDER ASAP to get yours in time for the Nov 10 FREE online event.  Order through  (


Online Event:  8 pm Eastern time, Sun Nov 10

Details will be emailed when you order your video.


Thank you for your interest in this work, and in our partnership with dogs!