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Get the most from your partnerships with animals!

1)  Perception Modification: For  fear of fireworks, thunder, gunshots, arousal, fear, tension, resistance, separation anxiety, or obsessive/compulsive issues. Prepares animals to learn.  Start with Perception Modification.  Perception Modification:  how to prepare animals to learn, and to LIVE

Perception Modification

2)  Bridge and Target:  Fast, fun way to teach an animal new behaviors and concepts, ideal for teaching tricks, skills, and ideas.  Speeds teaching obedience, freestyle, detection, assistance, hunting – anything – you can turbocharge your training with the tools of Bridge and Target.  Bridge and Target – how to communicate with, and teach, animals

The following classes are available as scheduled, with recorded lectures, videos, and the option to attend live chats.

You may register for any of the following classes as scheduled, by registering here.  Each of these classes  includes video review.

Upon registration, participants will receive a confirmation email, download information, and call in information for the class chats.

Bridge and Target Training Technique

Thanks and enjoy the SATS adventure!