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All classes: 8 sessions, 4 weeks, Sun and Weds
Sundays May 19, 26 , June 2, 8
Wednesdays May 22, 29, June 5 ,12

The following is a live class (recordings are being made and all presentation and speakers are live; CHATS are all LIVE):

Perception Modification 3: Cycles: explanation and exercises on setting up ‘Cycles’
Class live at 2:30 pm Sun. Chat live at 3:30 pm (chat shared with all classes)
4 classes plus 8 chats: $200

Video review option: 1 (up to 5 minute) video per week, must be in by midnight, Mondays, to be discussed and reviewed on Wednesdays: $100 added for this option Time to be determined with participants.

Description of ‘Cycles’: This is the process of presenting challenges to an animal in such a way as to consistently increase his abilities to cope, whilst ensuring his success in maintaining relaxation during the process. This process is essential in reprogramming triggers.

Description of class: We will cover the ‘jobs’ in cycles, setting up the steps of the cycles, the milestones and recognizing them, and modulating the bridges. There will be exercises and the option to review video.


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