1-vasco and me
All classes: 8 sessions, 4 weeks, Sun and Weds
Sundays May 19, 26 , June 2, 8
Wednesdays May 22, 29, June 5 ,12

This is a recorded class (recordings made during a previous class, CHATS are all LIVE):

Perception Modification 1: Intro: one set of recordings, available at your convenience on the website;
Chats: live, shared with all other classes, Sun, 3:30 pm and Wed, 7:30 pm
8 recorded classes, 8 live chats: $200

Description of ‘Perception Modification’: ‘Perception Modification’ is a process which leads animals to cope with stressors and manage their emotions. We can often resolve emotion based behavioral issues, with animals learning to manage themselves.

Description of class: Definitions, tools, use of rhythm and touch, use of bridges, and conditioned relaxation.