Intro to Perception Modification

Dates: 1/21, 1/22 & 1/28, 1/29

Pet Owners Class Starts at 7:00 p.m. central time

Professional Trainers Class Starts at 8:00 p.m. central time

1 hour Question and Answer Session starts at 9:00 p.m. central time

Note: Tentative syllabus can be found below.

First hour only (Pet owners Class); $100 total for 4 days of class, 1 hour each day

Second hour only (Professional Trainers Class); $100 total for 4 days of class, 1 hour each day

Please note both classes are open to everyone even though the second hour is geared towards professional trainers / more advacned persons.  Non-professionals with more advanced needs or more complex behavioral issues may wish to also enroll in both the second hour and first hour class.  If you join both classes, you get to join in the question and answer session at no charge.

First and Second class combined; for a total of 8 hours of class time; $200 **If you sign up for both classes you get to attend the Questions and Answers hour free of charge, a $100 value.  Making this package a total of 12 hours of classroom time for only $200.  That’s well under $20 an hour for professional classroom training along with live question and answer time with Kayce Cover.

Note to trainers: Taking these classes earns credit and helps you work towards certification.

The last class filled up extremely quickly; don’t miss out on this opportunity.  It’s time to start solving your training problems and making your life easier — for professionals this translates to more business and more profit!   Space in this class is limited; to ensure your spot in the class; please click the button below to signup now:

Once we get your payment we will e-mail you with information on how to connect to the class.

One class or both:


Tentative syllabus:

what is perception modification

medical model





name and explain

conditioned relaxation