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Class Information: Jan 7-8, and 14-15

NOTE: This syllabus is approximate. We will cover as many of these subjects as is comfortable for participants. A glossary document will be emailed to each participant. Each session will be recorded. Class members will have at least two weeks to access their class recording. Price is $100 per class, access to DISCUSSION session (and the recording) is for those taking both classes. Cost for the pdf of the glossary, both classes and discussion, and access to recordings of all of these for at least two weeks $200; sign-up below.

Introduction to the tools of SATS and Bridge and Target

Pet Owners


Mon Jan 7

Pet Owners

What is Bridge and Target?
What is SATS?
How does SATS compare to clicker?
Can I use my clicker?
What bridge to use?
This is what bridges sound like


How can SATS be used with my other tools?
What am I likely to gain?
The power of creating anticipation
The power of sharing information


Tue Jan 8

Pet Owners

Name & Explain
What to name
How to name it
How to test it
Making a plan


Planning for sharing information
Actions and activities
Body parts
Types of touch and constraint
Items and individuals

Giving processing time

Asking permission: “Tell me when you’re ready.”

Recognizing the ready stance


Mon Jan 14

Pet Owners

Universal gestures:

tone of voice

Bridges: IB and TB

IB: IB modulation


Layers of information: all roads lead to Rome!

Safety through communication: Congruent, Coherent, Transparent

10 Uses of the IB


Tue Jan 15

Pet Owners

How to teach the Bridges
How to teach the Target
How to introduce Pole and Station Targets
How to create 3 behaviors


When do we Free-Shape

How to use targets without tripping over them

How to create behaviors using targets

The training program.

The send-away



Builds on the first classes

Types of conditioning- and how they differ

The mechanistic philosophy of operant conditioning versus cognitive learning

Beyond operant conditioning

Terms: reinforcers, punishers, diminishers, interrupts, primary, secondary, tertiary, positive, negative

Tracking behavior in real time

The training transaction

Transactional analysis and word problems: learning to ignore red herrings

And more tools to build trust and relationship and turbo charge your training

One class or both: