Tracy Hayes, leather collar artist

Yes. She ‘collars’ the dogs that the animal control officer picks up.

Here is what I mean: Tracy hand crafts beautiful, extra-strong leather collars for dogs who need them at the Norfolk Animal Care Center.

todays designer donation

Each collar is unique and each will help a special dog. Having a comfortable, strong, flexible collar is critical to being able to manage a dog. Many of the dogs that get picked up by animal control are escape artists. Some are downright demolition experts. They can be very challenging to manage. Especially when resources are tight. And lets say a dog like this gets adopted. The new owners are inheriting a big challenge that they may not be prepared for. Tracy’s collars can be a very important part of keeping these dogs safe and secure at home – not to mention stylish, when out for a stroll.

Here is the model Tracy says is the strongest:

most durable model

As you can see, all the collars are beautiful. They have designer colors. The rings are welded and heavy duty. They are made of LEATHER – which breaths, has some give, and is still my top choice for dogs (unless we are doing water work). So, they are not only beautiful, but they are functional.

And here are some other things that are beautiful about them: they may be the PERFECT collar for some of the tough to manage dogs that find their way into the city system – and I cannot find anything like them in any of the large pet supply stores in the area. So this premium, hard to get, critical for containment resource is being made available, for the dogs that need them most – and cost is not an obstacle. In this economy, the availability of a good collar may make the critical difference in successfully keeping a dog in a loving but financially challenged home.

And I love thinking about a dog that is getting a second chance having a premium, first rate collar, with style. Everyone needs to feel special. Let me rephrase that: Everyone needs to realize that they are special. These are special collars for special dogs.

And that is beautiful all the way around. No wonder Tracy is smiling. What a beautiful way to give to others. Thank you, Tracy! Thanks for helping our dogs and our community. Norfolk needs you.

A beautiful way to help people and dogs