Daisy with her art

Today I had a nice little adventure.  Just back from the funeral service of the wonderful aunt who was like a mother to me.  I was sad, tired and a bit overwhelmed with the work to catch up on.  I stopped by to see my truly outstanding horse and confidant.  Time with her always restores me.  Then to start the errands – Trader Joe’s for sourdough bread, the auto store for wiper blades and brake light bulbs, pine straw to the apartment building to dress the flower beds, tomatoes to plant, boxes to move and unpack, soil to dig, groceries to put away.  Whew!!!  Yes…. well… nothing to do but start.  So, I was at Trader Joe’s and making a decision on which tomatoes to buy was beyond me.  A lady was also regarding them.


“Have you tasted any of these?” I asked.


“Yes….” And the lady kindly proceeded to explain the characteristics of the tomatoes she remembered tasting.  It was quite helpful!  In particular,  I like very tangy tomatoes, and she recommended some brown tomatoes.  When she told me they grew from seeds in her garden, I was sold and decided to try both their taste and their ease of growing from seed.


We continued to talk, and it turns out that my new friend was from Lithuania, which, it surprised me to learn, speaks a language more romance than slavic.  The conversation easily flowed, and I learned that this lady is an artist who does portraits of people and animals.  I really enjoyed looking at her work, here:  Daisy’s blog  You can go to and see that she draws animals as well as people, and that her name is Ramune (which is Lituanian for Daisy) Sveikyte, pronounced Rah’ moo nay Sveh kitay.  Let me know if you check it out.  Maybe you’ll decide to invest in a portrait!


Daisy also teaches people to dance, and competes.  Cool!  Check it out!
Daisy teaches dance

7 Cities Swing Scene

Here is the irony: I have been a member of this group, on Facebook, for some time, but have never gone because…. mostly busy. Now I have another reason to stretch.

As Daisy said, there are no coincidences! I’m so glad I asked a question. Note to self: Stay open. PS self: get back into dancing!