Butter would not melt in this mouth ... think again!

Hard to believe this little face would ever inflict harm.

Believe it!

Even a small dog can be dangerous when aroused. All dogs need to learn to be calm, coping and in command of themselves. We will be offering an online class in coping with dog arousal. Sign up for the newsletter if you want to be one of the first to participate.

A sign-up form will be added shortly, for now, please drop us a message with the Contact Form, letting us know your interested. Thanks!

This dog’s owner had invested a lot of time and energy trying to solve the issues of arousal and aggression with this, and his other, dogs. He had been struggling with this for two years, with little in the way of progress. It was serious – one dog was virtually blind due to a punctured eyeball and a detached retina, when one of the other family dogs redirected toward him. Yet this dog persisted in getting into altercations with the other dogs!

However we made a lot of progress in four days, with the Terminal & Intermediate Bridge, Conditioned Relaxation, Cycles, and Name & Explain. You can learn all about these powerful tools through Kayce Cover and the Syn Alia Training community.

Enjoy this before and after video!

What I love is that the dogs now really ‘get’ the whole issue of self
management, and they are taking control of themselves, even in really
challenging confrontations. Excellent, and exactly the point – we want to arm
the dogs with skills for success.

Outstanding job, everyone!!!