Below is a sample of a video review.  Here is how the process works:

1. You pay for a video review (or use a included review if your on a monthly plan)
2. You submit video or videos that you would like to discuss.  You can do this by sending a youtube link or by going to to send us a video file up to 2GB in size.  Video can be sent to
3. We processes and prepare your video for the live discussion.
4. You will meet at the time that has been scheduled with Kayce, you will be sent a private web address where you will both be able to watch the video in real time.  Kayce will be able to pause the video and / or talk over the video as necessary to explain specific things to you.

This is an especially valuable tool if you are working with anything that involves having proper timing.

The following is a sample of Kayce reviewing video on a live call:

[flowplayer src=]