We took video on Friday, but had technical problems,  so took video today again.

Three things noted:

1)  My horse does not like this process of messing with her eye.  Nonetheless, she ran to meet us as soon as she heard my call, today (Saturday), just as she did yesterday (Friday).  In other words, she is still very motivated to come be together with us, even though she knows that we are constantly doing things with her eye.

2)  On both days, she appeared very agitated when I spoke about the cancer in the eyelid ( 1:43).  I did not note it, but Agnes did, and I can see it in the video.  Agnes says it was the same on Friday.  So, you can see for yourself in the video and see what you think.

3)  It is time to take her stitches out and the vet got called away on an emergency.  So, I am doing some work to prepare her and get a bit of it done.  At first, I was focussed on getting the stitches out.  She was much more anxious then.  Suddenly I caught myself (twenty seconds in) and started focussing on the process – the cycles.  You can see that then things go more smoothly.

The video shows a real time session.    I use cycles and name and explain and bridging to work on this task.

[flowplayer src=http://www.akivathedog.com/synalia/eye-of-the-behold-3-web.mp4 splash=http://www.akivathedog.com/synalia/horse.jpg]