Bridge and Target Certification Camp

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Fly with fluency in Bridge and Target Training.  Engage the animal mind and motivation in meeting the goals you set together.  Train better and faster than you imagined possible – with outstanding relationship.  These skills can be life changing for both trainer and animal!


Turbocharge your training!

Teach animals in a way that they understand, that allows you to build behaviors together- Rather than teach rote repetition and compliance, we teach the animals what the behavior goal is, and how we are going to meet that goal.  We teach behavior (action) components, concepts, and vocabulary to name these elements.  Once we develop these elements, we can mix and match the elements to create new behaviors – often at surprising speed.  Trainers report that incorporating these methods cuts training time up to 75%.

What would it do for your training life if you could move your animal from rote compliance with cues to active engagement to solve problems and meet goals?  How would it change your day if the animal really understood the behavior goals and requirements and consistently reviewed his own work for correctness?  What if you were truly team members, and your role was to assist and encourage your partner who was as motivated as you to get the job done?  What is you could construct new behaviors easily – sometimes just by describing them to your animal partner?  This can be the reality for trainers fluent in SATS Bridge and Target training techniques.

Here is a list of some of the possibilities:

  • teach all body parts to allow grooming, vet procedures and more
  • teach animals to target with all body parts
  • teach left vs right, up vs down, take vs release
  • teach retrieval without force of any kind, and harvest many additional useful behaviors on the way
  • ensure that the animal really understands the job requirements and can monitor his own compliance – and does!
  • change aspects of a behavior quickly – like change an alert response, change the direction of travel, change which body part makes contact – and more.
  • teach complex tasks faster and without breakdown
  • solve problems like dropping a ball early in a retrieval, missing contacts or skipping weave poles in agility
  • promote the animals learning from watching others learn
  • instantly help your animal to connect past experiences with new goals for faster success in new situations and behaviors

What if you could teach new concepts in minutes, add them to your animal’s knowledge base, and draw on those elements to create infinite variations in behavior in the time it takes to describe them?  For most animals, this is possible.  This training camp is an opportunity to learn how.

Working first with exotic animals, and then with dogs, Kayce developed and honed these techniques.  Many others have studied with Kayce and REPLICATE THIS SUCCESS!  Now, you can too.


Empower any and all animals, from dogs and horses to cats and rhinos, to successfully work WITH you!

The feral cat that owns me


This event has two parts:  a 5 day camp at the event site, for the dates cited, and two online courses  comprised of a series of lectures which cover critical information.  The recorded lectures are also made available for download to all registered participants (as .mp3s), a valuable reference resource for students to review at any time. The class is a remote learning curriculum. Students participate in the class from the comfort of their own homes, using their own computer and phone.

Critical information (online classes):  Two sections:  Conditioned Relaxation and Cycles.  Plan to listen at least three times to each lecture, to be prepared for the camp.  Thanks and see you soon!

CERTIFICATION TESTS:  Kayce will lead you through the information and skills required to pass a set of tests which demonstrate your proficiency in mastering the basic  techniques.  By achieving the required score, you gain certification.  It is optional to sit for the certification tests.  From there, you will need to continue to apply your skills and knowledge, to become fluent with these techniques.

Structure:  You can bring a dog upon approval, we will work each dog 2-3 times on most days.

Day 1:  9:30am arrival to set up, ready to start by 10am

Approximate schedule, all days:  10am start, 11:30am break,  1:30pm lunch, 3:30pm break, 4:30pm  end new material,  5pm clear the building

Day 5:  We will work with animals to cover new behaviors and skills, and we will give a glimpse into other training tools which can make training EVEN BETTER!




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