Perception Modification Certification Camp

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Teach animals to cope with stresses and manage their emotions!  Solve the  most difficult problems in dog training – quickly, with no stress and no strain.

Countless animals live needlessly restricted lives because they react explosively or fearfully to every day things. Others are plagued by phobias, consumed by terror of thunder,  fireworks, or other dogs. Every year, millions of dogs lose their homes or their lives because they are unable to manage their emotions and cope with stresses they encounter.

If you have been struggling with these issues with a dog, or other animal, you may find it difficult to believe that success is so near at hand.

Whether you are a dog trainer, a veterinarian, a vet technician, a shelter volunteer, or someone looking to help an animal in your life, this course will enable you to free animals from the fears and triggers that burden their lives. Kayce Cover’s famed Conditioned Relaxation process is the foundation upon which the Perception Modification system is built. It is a system that teaches animals to recognize and manage their own state of mind. Then we apply these new skills in solving their real world problems.  This is POWERFUL stuff!


Teach animals to cope with stresses and manage their emotions!

Melt away SEPARATION ANXIETY, AGGRESSION, AROUSAL, HYPERACTIVITY, PHOBIAS, FEARS, REACTIVITY AND HYPERSENSITIVITY, grooming and vet issues- Because the reasons dogs lose their homes and their lives is usually due to failure to manage emotions and cope with stresses appropriately.

What would it do for your life, if you could solve separation anxiety – often in one week?  What would it do for your dog’s life? Professionals, what would it do for your business?  What if you could solve dog aggression, obsessive compulsive behaviors and phobias, each in about a week?*  Without using any special equipment.  Without even using treats.

Here is a list of some of the most difficult dog behavior problems:

  • separation anxiety
  • phobias
  • dog reactivity
  • aggression
  • spinning
  • light chasing
  • fear of water
  • fear of vet
  • hyperarousal
  • female/female aggression

What if you could turn any of these problems around dramatically in about a week?  For most dogs, this is possible.  This training camp is an opportunity to learn how.

Working first with exotic animals, and then with dogs, Kayce developed and honed these techniques.  Many others have studied with Kayce and REPLICATE THIS SUCCESS!  Now, you can too.


Empower any and all animals, from dogs and horses to cats and rhinos, to thrive!

Easy DogsCurriculum

This event has two parts:  a 5 day camp at the event site, for the dates cited, and two online courses  comprised of a series of lectures which cover critical information.  The recorded lectures are also made available for download to all registered participants (as .mp3s), a valuable reference resource for students to review at any time. The class is a remote learning curriculum. Students participate in the class from the comfort of their own homes, using their own computer and phone.

Critical information (online classes):  Two sections:  Conditioned Relaxation and Cycles.  Plan to listen at least three times to each lecture, to be prepared for the camp.  Thanks and see you soon!

CERTIFICATION TESTS:  Kayce will lead you through the information and skills required to pass a set of tests which demonstrate your proficiency in mastering the basic  techniques.  By achieving the required score, you gain certification.  It is optional to sit for the certification tests.  From there, you will need to continue to apply your skills and knowledge, to become fluent with these techniques.

Structure:  You can bring a dog upon approval, we will work each dog 2-3 times on most days.

Day 1:  9:30am arrival to set up, ready to start by 10am

Approximate schedule, all days:  10am start, 11:30am break,  1:30pm lunch, 3:30pm break, 4:30pm  end new material,  5pm clear the building

Day 5:  We will, if possible, work with actual clients in solving problems.   Otherwise, we will continue with additional training information, starting your advancement to the next level of training skill.





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