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Is your trainer a certified SATS trainer?

Keep an eye our for our official certification badges to be sure!

Is your trainer a certified SATS trainer?

Keep an eye our for our official certification badges to be sure!

Baechtold, Ken
Website , Email Phone 913 909 9609, Overland Park, KS 66212 US

Bladder, Monique
Website, Email, Overijsel, The Netherlands, EU

Beck, Heather
Website, Email, Salt Lake City, Utah, US

Bokelmann, Erica
WebsiteEmail Phone 31 (0) 26 4821799 Location Wolfhezerweg 70, 6874 AG Wolfheze, The Netherlands, EU

Bruggeman, Henriette
Website, The Netherlands, EU

Cavins, Margery
Email, Sonora, California, US

Colson, Danielle
Email, Limberg, NL, EU

Constable, Lisa
WebsiteEmail, Woodbury TN, US

Cushing, Katy, A Closer Bond, Website,,Email, 842 W Northwest Hwy, Palatine IL 60067 Phone +1(847) 358 7312,

Dentith, Lucy
Email, Derbyshire, UK

Driesen, Petra
Email, Rotterdam, the Netherlands, EU

Ferrell, Barb
Email, Wilmington, Deleware, US

Foster, Denise
Email, Yorkshire, UK

Fraser, Jan
Email, UK

Fraser, Keira
Email, Australia

Gaastra, Fenny, Hondenschool Plato, Website,, Beegden Netherlands

Genoff, Carrie
Email, Greater Detroit, Michigan, US

Guytenbeek, Marian
Email, Gelderland, the Netherlands, EU

Habitzruther, Bonita
Website, Email Phone (716) 254-6762, Buffalo, New York, US

Harwood, Annette
Website, Email, Wood Green Animal Shelters, Cambridgeshire, UK, and Spalding, UK

Hawkins, Karen
Website, Email, Bridgton, ME 04009

Hejna, Manuella
Email, Ann Arbor, Michigan, US

Hodges, Nelson
Website, Arlington, TX, Phone (716) 254-6762,

Horton, Leslie  Email, Baltimore, Maryland, Phone +1 (301) 473 7127

Houliaras, Pauline 
Website, Email, Baltimore, Maryland, Phone +1 (410) 292 3869

Hurley, Juliet
Email, Phone +44 (0) 1932 231 466 Location UK

Hvidberg, Sarah
Email, Copenhagen, DN, EU

Johnston, Kelly
Email Location UK

Ketland, Sue
Website, Email, Wood Green Animal Shelters, Cambridgeshire, UK and Somersham, UK

Kinsey, Julie
Website, Email. Houston, TX, US Specialty: American Staffordshire Terriors, Obedience, Rally, Breed Competition, Behavior Problems

Kruger, Wendy
Email, Wood Green Animal Shelters, Cambridgeshire, UK, and Easton, UK

Lowrie, Angela
Email, Arthington & Heddingly, Leeds, UK

Marshall, Liz
Website, Email, Wood Green Animal Shelters, Cambridgeshire, UK

Mathieson, Laura, SNIFFERS Doggie Retreat & Training Center
Website, Email, Rockville, MD, Phone +1(301) 738-6781

McCabe, Mark
Website, Email, Sykesville, MD, US

McCann, Andrea
Email, Royal Oaks, California, US

Meikle, Sarah, Diggity Dogs Service Dogs Inc.
Website, Email, Shelburne Falls, MA, Phone +1(914) 222-3647

Monteith, Angela, The Empowered Dog
Website, Email, Fort Wayne, IN, Phone +1(260) 704-8025

Muccio, Deidre
Website , Email, Amherst, Massachusetts, US

Muntz, Bernice
Website, Email, the Netherlands, EU

Nierman, Krystal, Greenville Dog Training
Website, Email, Greenville, SC,

Niewenhausen-Ryelands, Carla
Email, Oxfordshire, UK

Nimmo, Elise
Email, Manchester, UK

Ogata, Niwako
DVM, Email, Tokyo, Japan

Petrescu, Irinel
, Watsonville, California, US

Raymond Susan, Calm K9
Website, Email, PO Box 132, Port Costa, CA 94569, Phone +1(925) 408-8593

Roberts, Jenny
Sterling, VA, US

Roberts, Sarah The Rational Dog
Website, Email, Dallas, TX, Phone +1 (469) 759-0136

Roberts, Thomas
Sterling, VA, US

Schafnit, Anabel
, Phoenix, Arizona, US

Schwartz, Janet, Skyview K9
Website, Email, Troy, Ohio, Phone +1(937) 307 1723

Seitamaa, Hanna, K9 Lifeline
Website, Email, Salt Lake City, UT Phone +1(801) 272 1159

Shearing, Sue

Siers, Megen

Simard, Denis
King of Games FarmEmail, Peardale, California, US

Smalley, Rachel
With Tailwaggers Club in Arthington & Heddingly, Leeds, UK

Smith, Mike
Email; Phone +44 (0)1451 850188, Near Oxford, UK

Stains, Hillary, SNIFFERS Doggie Retreat & Training Center
Website, Email, Rockville, MD, Phone +1(301) 738-6781

Sykes, Jane
Email, phone: 02392-343778, Portsmouth, UK

Sian Min Website ,Email; Ph: 832 656 3166 c

Totis, Laura
Email, Ph: (h) 410 239 4746  or (c) 443 789 4542, Sykesville, Maryland, US

Trammell, Laurel
Email Phone 985 893 4523, Hawaii, US

Turner, Alan J
Website, Email, Memphis, Tennessee, US

van der Meijde, Sanne
Email, Wolfheze, the Netherlands, EU

Voellmann, Cheri
Email, Austin, Texas, US

Voith, Linda
Email, New York, US

von Konigsbrugge, Marjolein
Email, Drenthe, the Netherlands, EU

Wendels, Henny
Rotterdam, the Netherlands, EU

Westby, Jan
Website , Email, Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK

Winkler, Debbie
Sykesville, MD, US

Wolf, Ryanna
Email, Seattle, Washington, US, Phone +1(206) 384 8822

Winter 2016 Online Perception Modification Class

Winter 2016 Online Perception Modification Class

  Master Perception Modification in time to lead your animals and your clients through the holiday events and New Year’s fireworks.  Master this material, and you can excel at  solving these challenges with pets and clients - and much more! This class material is...

Review of "7 ways to get behaviour:Finding the optimal technique in animal training" Read original article here, by Karolina Westlund, PhD General I really enjoyed this article and like the style and demeanor of the writer.  Even when I disagree with her (often), I...

Bridges for blind and deaf animals

Bridges for blind and deaf animals

Bridges are a lifeline between the trainer and the working animal.  Photo courtesy of Deidre Muccio, and her guide, Louise.     Building bridges over communication gaps:  blindness, deafness, and the need for silence For most animals, and most applications, an...

What is “SATS Certification”?

What is “SATS Certification”?

  SATS Certification FAQS   Next event details: http://synalia.com/2016/09/03/turbocharge-your-training-easy-ly/   Q)  What is SATS? A)  SATS is short for Syn Alia Training Systems, which evolved from Bridge and Target training, and incorporate a number...

Turbocharge your training ‘Easy-ly’!

Turbocharge your training ‘Easy-ly’!

Melt away  SEPARATION ANXIETY, AGGRESSION, AROUSAL, HYPERACTIVITY, PHOBIAS, FEARS, REACTIVITY AND HYPERSENSITIVITY, grooming and vet issues- Because the reasons dogs lose their homes and their lives is usually due to failure to manage emotions and cope with stresses...

Zoonotics 1: Tackling ‘Tick Borne Diseases’

Vocabulary:  Empower yourself by knowing the language of the problem. Zoonotic: disease transmissible between humans and animals Spirochete (spirochaete): a bacteria which has a spiral form, such as most of the tick borne disease bacteria IFA: Immunoflourescent...