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1) Buy the manual: An Introduction to Bridge and Target Technique by Kayce Cover, ed. J. Hurley click here

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Trainest: Trainer Incubation Nest Kayce Cover, SATS® click here If you are new to SATS and Bridge and Target, we hope to make you feel at home here.

SATS and Bridge and Target2 click here A wealth of training experience resides here.

EuroBNT click here SATS and Bridge and Target in Dutch and Flemish language.

SATSUK click here SATS and Bridge and Target list for our UK audience.

Bridgeandtarget french list: groups.yahoo.com/group/bntq2/

pcem (protected contact elephant management): groups.yahoo.com/group/2pcem/

Information exchange between teachers, trainers, students and anyone else interested, on the techniques and applications of ‘Bridge and Target’ training. This is a way of teaching people and /or animals, without force or coercion, and allows the trainer to develop true, two-way communication with animals. Developed for training whales and dolphins, but appropriate and useful for all animals, all sports and all applications of working or playing with animals, including dolphins, whales, seals, sea lions, horses, dogs, cats, pigs, birds, monkeys, primates, parrots, dressage, equestrian sports, gaited horses, cutting horses, agility, frisbee, herding, assistance animal training, horseback riding, equitation and more.