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Get the most from your partnerships with animals!

1)  Perception Modification: For fireworks, thunder, gunshots, arousal, fear, tension, resistance, separation anxiety, or obsessive/compulsive issues. Prepares animals to learn. Most people need to start with Perception Modification.  Perception Modification:  how to prepare animals to learn, and to LIVE

2)  Bridge and Target:  Fast, fun way to teach an animal new behaviors and concepts, ideal for teaching tricks, skills, and ideas.  Speeds teaching obedience, freestyle, detection, assistance, hunting – anything – you can turbocharge your training with the tools of Bridge and Target.  Bridge and Target – how to communicate with, and teach, animals

The following classes are available as scheduled, with recorded, downloadable mp3 lectures, and the option to attend live chats.

You may register for any of the following classes as scheduled, by completing the form at the bottom of this page.  Each of these classes costs $200.00.  If there is a video option for a class, the cost is an additional $100.

Within 24 hours of registration, participants will receive a confirmation email, download information, and call in information for the class chats.

Perception Modification 1 – Conditioned Relaxation  $200, register below.

Description of ‘Perception Modification 1 – Conditioned Relaxation’:  Animals can learn  to cope with stress and manage their emotions.

Description of class:  How to teach  animals to manage their own emotional state, by attaining and maintaining relaxation.  How to motivate animals to choose to manage their behavior as asked.   Background information: definitions, tools, use of rhythm and touch, use of bridges, and conditioned relaxation.

Perception Modification 2 – Cycles:   $200, register at bottom of page.

Description of ‘Cycles’:  This is the process of presenting challenges to an animal in such a way as to consistently increase his abilities to cope, whilst ensuring his success in maintaining relaxation during the process.  This process is essential in reprogramming triggers that lead to arousal.

Description of class:    ‘Cycles’; explained and mastered.  Available to people who have completed Perception Modification – Conditioned Relaxation.  Take the self management skills learned in Perception Modification 1 – Conditioned Relaxation, and apply them in solving real life problems where ever they occur.

Recorded classes lectures, available to registered class participants as mp3 recordings.   CHATS are all LIVE):

Perception Modification – Conditioned Relaxation or Cycles, Video Workshop option:  email for details. Option to submit video for review and real time discussion.   1 – 2 (up to 2 minute each) video per week, must be in by midnight, Saturdays, to be discussed and reviewed on Mondays:  $100 added for this option  Time to be determined with participants.

Bridge and Target 1:  Intro:  not currently scheduled

Description of ‘Bridge and Target’:  This is a way to explain behaviors to animals.  We can quickly explain a behavior, and create complex and flexible behavior on cue.  We can then continue to develop from this non-verbal communication to verbal communication.

Description of class:  Introduction of bridges and targets, the intermediate bridge, building simple behaviors, and more.

Thanks and enjoy the SATS adventure!

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