Shawna Karrasch is a delight to talk to and learn from. We share a background in training marine mammals. We also both work extensively with horses. We had a blast talking together about training a few nights back and invite you to join us by clicking on the download button below to listen to the podcast.

We talked about using food, overusing food, the unique Commerson’s dolphin, how dogs compare to sea lions, how marine mammals compare to horses – and more! Friends, we talked! Then we talked some more. Come hang out with us!

At the end of our talk, Shawna gave an interview to some news shows. Look below the podcast link for a link to Shawna’s interview. You will also get to see some interesting video of a trainer having a challenging encounter with a killer whale, Kasatka. He stays calm and is able to bring Kasatka around.

Although anyone working with animals is always at risk, overall, working with killer whales is probably no more dangerous than driving cars. Interesting that no matter how many people die in car accidents, no one suggests we quit driving. Let someone die working with a killer whale, and …. it’s a mess. Anyway, when we choose to work with animals, we choose that risk, and I would hate for someone to keep me from working with animals because I might get hurt. I might get hurt crossing the street!

Listen in and enjoy!

Click Here to listen now to the PodCast Interview with Kayce Cover And Shawna Karrasch

click HERE for Shawna’s recent news interview

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